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We currently have a very large backlog of orders since the hundreds of pre-orders going back to August for the Sonic Screwdriver, 60 Moments In Time, and The Meep T-shirt. Plus with the large amounts of orders coming in daily due to Christmas, and Doctor Who's 60th Anniversary, we're working very hard to get those out as well as all the pre-ordered items.

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The Who Shop Team

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<![CDATA[CYBER SIGNING]]> https://www.thewhoshop.com/blog/cybersigning/ "The Cybermen Will Rise Again!"
We are very excited to announce our 'Cyber Signing', taking place in store on Sat 27th May between 1-3pm. We will be joined by Patrick O'Kane (Ashad/The Lone Cyberman), alongside the first UK appearance of veteran monster actors Richard Price (Cybermen, Judoon, Kerblam, and more) and Simon Carew (Cybermen, Ood, Judoon and more).  All will be signing photographs, and look out for some soon to be announced surprises coming soon for the day.

If you're unable to attend the event, CLICK HERE to pre-order our signed photos for Patrick O'Kane .

*All guests appearance subject to availability.
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<![CDATA[Who are the new Doctor Who companions?]]> https://www.thewhoshop.com/blog/who-are-the-new-doctor-who-companions/ By now, we all know that Jodie Whittaker is the Thirteenth Doctor and preparing for her first full series of Doctor Who later this year. However, who will be joining her as her companions? We got an answer back in October, but much mystery continues to surround her new friends, who will be played by - at least - Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill. So, what do we know about them?

The Doctor Who family gets several new additions

In a BBC press release detailed by Radio Times, the head writer and executive producer of the new series, Chris Chibnall, said: "The new Doctor is going to need new friends. We're thrilled to welcome Mandip, Tosin and Bradley to the Doctor Who family."

He added that his team "can't wait to see them dive into brand new adventures with Jodie's Doctor" and that Sharon D Clarke - whose credits include portraying Lola Griffin in Holby City - will also be on the show. However, Chibnall's wording leaves it unclear whether she will be a friend or foe of the Doctor - and public reaction to the other three additions to the cast hasn't been universally positive.

What's in a name... or three?

One sore point among fans has been Chibnall's perceived preference for soap actors. One comment seen by Metro writer James Baldock sniped that the cast comprised "Mum, Dad and their two adopted kids". Meanwhile, the cast's ethnic diversity provoked the charge of political correctness.

However, we can't help but think that these disgruntled fans are getting their knives out too early. Chibnall has called the actors behind the confirmed companions  "three of Britain's brightest talents", while very little is currently known about the actual characters besides their names; Bradley, Mandip and Tosin will play, respectively, Graham, Yasmin and Ryan.

A Doctor Who family in more ways than one?

Nonetheless, Clarke has let slip a small but crucial detail about Bradley's character. In an interview on BBC Radio 4's Loose Ends and cited by Radio Times, Clarke revealed: "I am a human, and Bradley Walsh is my husband, and he's human, and I think that's about as much as I can tell you."

Well, it might not strictly be true that this was "about as much as I can tell you". She might have actually revealed too much. Clarke acknowledged this, cracking: "I'm not sure if I can even tell you that, to be honest! I might have to kill you."

Nonetheless, this little revelation is bound to help fuel further speculation about the new characters. Radio Times mentions sources who have cited "family" as the watchword for Chibnall's approach to Doctor Who. This suggests that Yasmin and Ryan, too, might have familial associations with Graham. Could they be children of his - perhaps from past relationships?

One thing we do know for sure is that this “new” formula for companions isn’t much of a leap from the early days of Doctor Who, in which The Doctor travelled alongside his granddaughter Susan, and 2 of her school teachers, Ian and Barbara.

Whatever the new companions will be like, you can expect to see them commonly featuring on products that arrive into our stock here at The Who Shop. Keep a close eye on our product listings...

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<![CDATA[Why can't The Doctor go back to Gallifrey?]]> https://www.thewhoshop.com/blog/why-cant-the-doctor-go-back-to-gallifrey/ While Gallifrey's status as the home planet of Doctor Who - and, for that matter, other Time Lords - has long been well-known to Whovians, its role in the show was reduced in 2005. That's when the show returned after a lengthy break, now with Christopher Eccleston as the eponymous character and Gallifrey seemingly relegated closer to myth.

However, with Gallifrey having been brought back in surprising fashion in the fiftieth-anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor, should the Doctor return to it?

Why has Gallifrey come back into the picture?

While it wasn't unusual to see Gallifrey during later episodes of the show's classic series, screenwriter Russell T Davies did away with this planet for the show's 2005 revival. Gallifrey was now very much history, having succumbed to the last major Time War.

It wasn't until 2013, after seven series with Gallifrey seemingly gone for good, that we finally learned the truth: it wasn't. It had not been destroyed, but instead secured in a pocket universe - "trapped in a single moment of time", as phrased by Den of Geek!

Now, this situation doesn't strictly mean that the Doctor will definitely return to Gallifrey. Many of the show's adversaries, now aware of the planet's continued existence, have been intent on preventing the planet - and, along with it, the Time War - making a comeback. However, it isn't entirely out of the question that, with some script tinkering, the Doctor could return there. Doctor Who has never been a show known for adhering to its own rules and explanations!

A return to Gallifrey? That rings a bell...

Of course, since The Day of the Doctor, our hero has already returned to Gallifrey. He made that return in the 2015 episode Hell Bent, after having spent four-and-a-half billion years digging a tunnel to escape a bewilderingly complex castle.

The episode's writer Steven Moffat admitted to the Radio Times: "I think we probably take the Doctor right to the very end of his tether. Yes, he goes back to Gallifrey, and he goes back in a very bad mood." He's terrifying to the Time Lords there, as "now he's the guy who won the Time War".

The Doctor will see you now... in Gallifrey?

On that occasion, it was Peter Capaldi in the role of the Doctor; however, there are possibilities for how Jodie Whittaker's Doctor could visit the planet as well. Ideas put forward by Den of Geek! include the Daleks being destroyed or the Time Lords and Daleks resisting war. The latter possibility, if pursued, "will shape the future of the show. No pressure there then."

There are also various possibilities for what to do with the Time Lords, should they not be killed off. Nonetheless, despite how tempting an entire planet can be as a backdrop for telling new stories, those stories should still "be done sparingly. Gallifrey is, after all, where the Doctor ran away from."

Gallifrey is already a strong theme with many of the products that we offer here at The Who Shop; we invite you to peruse our stock to check out the options.

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<![CDATA[(Spoiler-free) Everything we know about the 13th Doctor]]> https://www.thewhoshop.com/blog/Everything-we-know-about-the-13th-Doctor/ From that moment in July when the 13th Doctor made her debut appearance in a short preview video and pulled back her hood, the world was struck. Not just with awe, but also surprise - it was the first ever female Doctor, the long-time Broadchurch regular Jodie Whittaker!

There remains much we don't know about this history-making new Doctor, but intriguing little details have still been trickling out over the last few months. Here is what we know so far...

A happier Doctor for a new generation?

Jodie has officially taken over from the previous Doctor, Peter Capaldi - who sparked a spectacular regeneration in last year's Christmas special. While we didn't get to see Jodie for too long, she did exclaim "Oh, brilliant!" in her native Yorkshire accent before falling out of the exploding Tardis.

Her debut impressed the show's former head writer Steven Moffat, who enthused in words quoted by the Radio Times: "In such a tiny moment, she's given us the Doctor we've always known, but in, to say the least, a new way". It does look like she will exhibit a more optimistic outlook than Capaldi, who wasn't afraid to pile on the melancholia in the immediate run-up to his prompt exit.

Her costume & TARDIS?

With the usual TARDIS biting the dust just after her tenure as the Doctor formally began, and the recent promotional imagery of Jodie in her new costume also depicting a redesigned Police Box prop, it’s no secret that a new TARDIS is on order for Jodie’s Doctor!

While the Christmas special featured her wearing Capaldi's familiar velvet outfit, she should soon dispose of that in favour of much more colour and eccentricity. There are deep blue trousers and socks, a yellow-, green- and red-striped navy blue shirt and on top of it all, a large grey/blue coat.

That new time-travelling Police Box, meanwhile, will have a white-on-black sign - a throwback to some 1960s/1970s TARDIS designs - along with new handles and a lick of paint.

What do we know about Jodie Whittaker herself?

In February, the BBC further revealed that the 13th Doctor will be a "super-smart force of nature" in tales "full of action and adventure, humour and thrills". The Radio Times notes that the description appears to "fit with what we know of Whittaker herself, who will no doubt be injecting some of her own personality into the role".

As detailed by BuzzFeed, Jodie was born on June 3, 1982 in the West Yorkshire village of Skelmanthorpe. In 2005, she graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and has since appeared in an array of TV, film and radio productions.

However, you probably best know her from her role in Broadchurch - a drama penned by Chris Chibnall, who has taken over lead writing and executive production duties for Doctor Who. You can learn even more about Jodie in issues of Doctor Who Magazine stocked here at The Who Shop.

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<![CDATA[Special Announcement From Bernard Cribbins]]> https://www.thewhoshop.com/blog/BernardCribbins/ We are thrilled to announce that in partnership with White Lodge Centre and none other than Bernard Cribbins, we are able to offer fans the chance to own multi-signed, original scripts from the Russell T. Davies era of Doctor Who!

Thanks to the kind donation from Bernard who has donated a handful of original scripts (many of which come complete with hand-drawn illustrations from Russell T Davies, as well as notes and annotation from Bernard) in the hope of raising funds for his chosen charity.

The White Lodge Centre is a centre of excellence which supports disabled children, young people and adults, helping them to lead fulfilling and independent lives. They specialise in care for those with a wide range of disabilities, including cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. Their highly skilled staff provide a diverse range of services including nursery education, therapy sessions, activity programmes and respite care for over 2,500 disabled people and their families in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Some of the scripts will be coming along with us to conventions for fans to see (and place bids in our silent auctions!), others will remain in our London-based store.

Some of the scripts available include:

Series 1 - Episode 12 (Bad Wolf) Russell T Davies’ personal copy, hand signed as well as covered in original illustrations by the man himself!

Series 4 - Episode 13 (Journey’s End | Shooting Script) Signatures include David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Elisabeth Sladen, Bernard Cribbins & more.

Series 4 - Episode X (Voyage of The Damned | Draft 2) Signatures include David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Elisabeth Sladen, Bernard Cribbins & more.

Series 4 - Episode 17 (The End of Time Part 1 | Draft 2) Signatures include David Tennant, Catherine Tate, John Simm, Elisabeth Sladen, Russell T Davies, Bernard Cribbins & more.

Series 4 - Episode 17 (The End of Time Part 1 | Shooting Script) Signatures include David Tennant, Catherine Tate, John Simm, Freema Agyeman, Elisabeth Sladen, Russell T Davies, Bernard Cribbins & more.

Series 4 - Episode 18 (The End of Time Part 2 | Draft 1) Signatures include David Tennant, Matt Smith, Catherine Tate, John Simm, Timothy Dalton, Elisabeth Sladen, Russell T Davies, Bernard Cribbins & more.

Bernard's video message can be seen below:

For more information on White Lodge Centre, visit their website here. The Who Shop is not responsible for the content of external websites.

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<![CDATA[The Legend Delia Derbyshire Continues!]]> https://www.thewhoshop.com/blog/DeliaDerbyshire/ The legend Delia Derbyshire continues, with The Delian Mode on 7" blue vinyl, limited of 500 copies! Available here as todays featured product!


Today we are celebrating the birth of Delia Derbyshire, who was born on this very day 5th of May 1937.


Delia Derbyshire took Ron Grainer’s score for the theme tune of Doctor Who and transformed his written notes into reality, creating a howling masterpiece; insistent and impossible to ignore or forget, and had children hiding behind the sofa when Doctor Who would start on the television.



Fri, 05 May 2017 13:07:17 +0000
<![CDATA[We're in DWM Special Toys & Games!]]> https://www.thewhoshop.com/blog/DWMToysGames/ Check out the latest Doctor Who Magazine Special all about toys and games from the 1960s to the present, where you will find an article on us by Simon Guerrier on pages 44 and 45!

Thu, 20 Apr 2017 14:44:45 +0000
<![CDATA[Our Cyberman faints on BBC The One Show.]]> https://www.thewhoshop.com/blog/cybermans-faints1/ Our fainting Cyberman on the Doctor Who special of BBC The One Show in November 2013, seen again in tonight's episode of The One Show 09/09/2016

Sat, 10 Sep 2016 14:25:06 +0000
<![CDATA[Davros is Back!]]> https://www.thewhoshop.com/blog/davros-is-back/ Well, what an opening to the new series, and we are think it is safe to say that Davros is back! With that in mind, we have chosen some of our favourite products to help you get to know the creator of the Daleks that little bit better.


Here are the highlights of Davros. Travel back to the beginning with “Genesis Of The Daleks” and witness the Daleks creation with the voted number one Doctor Who story. Then check out the season 4 finale “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End”, featuring the return of Davros in the new series. Perfect to introduce yourself to the creature that is Davros, or purely to jog your memory!


We may not be able to offer you Davros’ chair to have a go in like the Doctor, but we can offer you the next best thing! This IR remote control is hilarious fun. Chase Mum, Dad, and petrify the cat with this 6 inch action figure. Limited to 6,000, and with authentic dialogue, this is certainly one thing you will want to get your hands, sorry Davros, hand on!


Made especially for the 40th Anniversary, we still have stock of these beautiful collectors’ plates. Featuring the legendary Michael Wisher, these plates are perfect for the true Doctor Who collector!


Show your allegiance to the Daleks with this hilarious Bobble Head for your car! To Victory!


Tue, 23 Jun 2015 15:22:00 +0000
<![CDATA[The Schizoid Earth]]> https://www.thewhoshop.com/blog/the-schizoid-earth/ The 25th of September sees the release of the next story in the popular range of books featuring Lethbridge Stewart. “The Schizoid Earth” is written by David McIntee, and with a few Doctor Who related novels under his writing belt already, we are sure we are going to be in for a good time with this one. We’ve been lucky enough to have access to an interview with David McIntee over his work on this new novel, and we have posted it here for you. Enjoy.

How did you come to be involved in Lethbridge-Stewart?

I was asked by Andy Frankham-Allen at Candy Jar, because he liked what I'd done with some of the Doctor Who books – in particular Face Of The Enemy, which was very UNIT-heavy, with the Brig as a lead. Well, given how much I love the character, and could see lots of cool ideas to do with a pre-UNIT Lethbridge-Stewart, I wasn't going to turn that down. There's just so much opportunity with the character at that stage of his life.
In what ways did writing for this spin-off series differ from writing for the parent series?

Obviously one had to be a bit more careful about continuity and copyright, as there’s a more limited set of rights to play with, and I think it means one can’t have the thick Brig (or others) that sometimes appeared (the one who thinks an alien planet is Cromer, for example), because you don’t have this alien bloke to look smart by comparison. And, IMO that’s a good thing, because you want everybody to be portrayed at their best – these are supposed to be the elite, after all.

Did you come across any unanticipated difficulties in writing for the modern Doctor Who market, which is more focus at the ‘general’ fan, and less at the ‘core’ fandom that kept the property alive during the ‘90s and early ‘00s?

I’m not sure I’ve actually written for this modern general market, TBH – my last Doctor Who book was in 2004, before the series returned, and I reckon that Lethbridge-Stewart will appeal to the core adult fans seeking nostalgia. So… I don’t know yet, because I don’t believe I’ve had the experience.

The cover suggests a link to Inferno. In 1998 you wrote The Face of the Enemy, which was a sequel to Inferno. Can we expect some connection between that novel and The Schizoid Earth?

Yes, in some ways, but not necessarily in the way you’d think. For example, what you see on the cover isn’t what you think you see on the cover. And there is at least one linking character.

What can readers expect from The Schizoid Earth?

‘60s style Spy-Fi, action, thrills, explosions, sudden mad reversals and unexpected cliffhangers…

What do you feel contributes to the enduring popularity of Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart?

Honestly, Nick Courtney. The character’s strengths, when written properly, are his intelligence and loyalty and honour, which I think are also timeless qualities we look for in our fictional heroes – especially military type ones. But Nick was, is, and always will be at the heart of it.

What was your first Doctor Who novel, and how did that come about?

White Darkness – I’d fancied trying a novelisation even before the original novel line got started (and I’ve still never done a novelisation of anything, but would love to, just for the experience). In fact I did some sample text for an expanded novelisation of Mission to the Unknown, because I thought nobody else would be daft enough to try to turn it into a book, and didn’t anticipate them just doing it as a chapter in The Daleks’ Masterplan.

Target had been taken over by Virgin, and when they wanted to do original Doctor Who novels, I pitched one called Moebius Trip, which I’ll mention again later, but was asked to try again, and I think White Darkness was the second or third pitch, because I wanted to do something with a period setting (I love that side of the series, what with the time machine and all), and one that wasn’t set in the Home Counties. Peter Darvill-Evans liked it and off we went.

You’ve been writing Doctor Who novels since 1993, and have written at least one for all the ‘classic’ Doctors. What kind of challenges did each Doctor present you?

I like to have a tie-in character’s voice in my head, from the actor who played the role, so that made Eight a bit problematic, as, at the time, Paul McGann had had about forty minutes of screen time. (I’d love to have another go now that we’ve had the audios.) On the other hand, I never liked Sylvester McCoy’s performance as Seven, so I always found myself sort of writing against him, which is weird.

Patrick Troughton’s another one where lack of surviving episodes meant there was less to go on, but at least there were always audios of the missing episodes.

The ones that most surprised me, actually, were the Third Doctor – who actually has a lot less depth to explore and play around with than the others – and the First, who turned out to be a lot more layered and interesting, and so kind of brought himself out quite naturally but unexpectedly.

Six I was more inspired by the Doctor Who Magazine comics, and Four and Five were the ones I really grew up with, so they were by far the easiest, living in my head anyway.

You’ve been involved in Doctor Who publishing for a long time, and have worked with most Doctor Who publishers, including BBC Books, in which way would you see Doctor Who publishing has much changed over the last twenty years?

In practical terms, of course, it’s gone from being an open training ground for new writers to invitation-only for a rep company with occasional guest stars, which is a shame. The bigger difference, though, is in how the desired target audience has been redefined. It’s turned from children to SF-reading adults twenty-three years ago, with The New Adventures, then became aimed more at adult fans with The Missing Adventures and Past Doctors Adventures, and then back to a younger readership with the New Series books, although even then we’ve now got the guest star author ones – the Alastair Reynolds and Stephen Baxter ones, and the Gareth Roberts novelisations, for example – being aimed at the adult nostalgia market again. So I suspect really Doctor Who publishing tends to run in cycles. The Wheel Turns, as Mary Morris says in Kinda.

You’ve written for a lot of Doctor Who big villains over the years, including the Sontarans and the Master. Which was your favourite, and why?

To write for? The Master, of course. Equal but opposite, the anti-Doctor… Because with a villain you can do anything. Have him do good things, even, without ruining the character the way you would if you have the hero be too bad. As a more general favourite Doctor Who villain, but not one I wrote for, I love Tlotoxl in The Aztecs, though he’s not actually a villain, rather an antagonist to our heroes. Which is exactly why he’s so great. I basically much prefer when you can have a three dimensional antagonist rather than outright cartoon evil baddie. That said, I still want to write for the Daleks someday.

You’re no stranger to writing books without the Doctor, does your approach with those differ to novels where the Doctor is the lead?

Not really, no – my approach is based on the type or tone of story, rather than which character is the lead. So it varies even when the Doctor is the lead.

Who is your favourite Doctor to write for?

Yes. Oh, well, if we’re going to be more specific… I really never expected to say this, cos I’d have expected to say the Fourth, but actually – and as implied by the answer to an earlier question – the First. Which really surprised me.

Which of the modern Doctors would you most like to write for?

I dunno, it’d be cool to complete the set. Ten would be good if it could undo Donna’s mind-wipe. Eleven is so much fun, and Twelve I’d love to just do as Malcolm Tucker, but… I’m gonna say Nine in the end, because I really really wish we’d had more Eccleston, and would love to sort of make that happen.

Who’s your favourite companion to write for?

I think the Ian and Barbara double-act. They’re both modern enough to relate to and distant in time enough to allow for having stuff explained. And they’re just such a well balanced OTP. They’re a joy to write, and that’s largely down to the performances all those years ago.

You’ve written novels for Star Trek, too, one of a handful of authors write for both Star Trek and Doctor Who; what would say the differences in approach are, both from the point of view of a writer, and the expectations of the publisher?

The expectations of the publisher aren’t that different, I don’t think – tie-in publishers pretty much have the same aim for their novels, to support the franchise. Obviously there’s more of a team thing with the Trek stories, as opposed to the Doctor’s individualism and iconoclasm, so you’re more likely to be writing in favour of an ideal than against a state you disagree with. Overall, though, the bigger differences are that there are more hoops to jump through with Trek – synopsis, breakdown, and finished text all have to be approved by different people at different stages (and, TBH I don’t mind this, as I prefer working that way), which wasn’t the case with the Doctor Who books when I was doing them, where it was just the editor’s nod.

“The Schitzoid Earth” is available for pre-order online, over the phone or in store. Get yours now! Five Rounds Rapid!

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<![CDATA[New Series Coming Soon!]]> https://www.thewhoshop.com/blog/new-series-coming-soon/ Timelords and Timeladies, September is upon us, where has the year gone? But September means that the new series of Doctor Who is back!

What an exciting year it looks to be with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, monsters old returning, new ones making their debut and of course the return of…SPOILERS!

And of course with every season of Doctor Who, it is only a matter of time before new Doctor Who merchandise hits our shelves. Watch this space!

Speaking of new merchandise, we are extremely excited to announce that the 12th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control is now in stock! To say we have been having some fun playing with it is an understatement! Now with extending feature, new emerald green emitter and extra sounds effects, this has turned out to be a beautiful evolution from its 11th Doctor predecessor.

September also means something else. Christmas is just around the corner. It may seem that we are harking on about it four months too early, but as every year, we strongly advise starting to think about and making your orders now in plenty of time for the big day.

Until the next time! Alons-y!

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<![CDATA[Next Signing In Store]]> https://www.thewhoshop.com/blog/next-signing-in-store/ We are extremely excited to announce our next signing to take place in store.

We are delighted to welcome back Andy Frankham-Allen, head writer at Candy-Jar Books who will be signing the next edition in the Lethbridge-Stewart series “The Best Of Fang Rock”.

Corporal Lethbridge-Stewart will be finding his way to Fang Rock, the very same as appeared in the fourth Doctor story, “The Horror Of Fang Rock”. He will also be joined by popular “Web Of Fear” character, Anne Travers. To say we are excited for this is a bit of an understatement.

We will also be joined by comic book artist Rachael Stott, who will be signing (announcement to the world) our brand new EXCLUSIVE cover for the new 8th Doctor Comic Book series. Rachael has been used extensively with the new Doctor Who comic range from Titan, so we are delighted to have her in store and designing our cover.

The signing will take place on SATURDAY 31ST OCTOBER from 1pm. If you are unable to make the signing, all the items can be ordered through our website under the “Events” section, along with our previous exclusive covers and other titles in the Lethbridge-Stewart range.

And that may not be all; we are always working on getting new exciting guests to join us, so you never know, there might be more to follow….

Now, I’m off to go and meditate on a rock.

Tue, 23 Jun 2015 12:46:03 +0000